Tuesday, 3 August 2010

"No Appropriate Value"

Following on from the post "Make It Real" now comes "No Appropriate Value". The two are very much interlinked. They both look at how we hold on to and treasure items that may not have any worth or use to another individual. For instance, where I am unable to put a value on the camera pictured in the last post, if I were to attempt to try and sell it on an internet auction site for example, I may not get that much interest in it. And if there were to be any interest, the monetary figure would never reach my expectations.
In my exploration of this subject, I came to realise that the feelings and emotions stirred by the objects, were also key. The photographs in this post are of items donated to me by my friends for the further examination into the concept of "No Appropriate Value".

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  1. Love the transition between subjects on this one from "Make it Real" to "No Appropriate Value" well thought out got me thinking deep!!