Hello my name is Will Leslie from Isis Consultancy.  I would like to introduce you to the Horace Leslie Photographic (H.L.P.) experience.
Why Horace Leslie and not Isis Consultancy?  Horace Leslie (my uncle) introduced me to photography when he gifted me my first proper camera.  A camera which he had owed for over thirty years.  The camera which was subject of an earlier post is one which holds a huge amount of sentimental value to me.  This is the camera on which I learnt the fundamentals of my photographic practice.   
If you are a first time visitor to the blog, I would just like to say "howdie" and thank you for stopping by. Here at H.L.P. we aim to produce photographic images for all to enjoy.  Images with emotion, passion and thought-provoking content. Let it be said, that this is by no means a one way street. Interaction and engagement from our on-line audience will always be welcome. After all, we are here to discuss, enjoy and engage with the most stimulating of media, PHOTOGRAPHY.