Sunday, 18 July 2010

Make it Real!

I have always had some deep, sentimental thoughts and feelings towards the Nikkormat FT2 pictured above.
Having said that, I have never written down my thoughts about the camera, or even voiced them in public to friends or colleagues.
Looking back on this, I find it strange, especially as this camera represents the start of my photographic journey.
There is something in writing down your thoughts and feelings, it somehow makes them real....the emotions locked up within this small device are of such huge importance to me, that I now could place "no appropriate value" on the camera.

Electric Wire Hustle @ Mau Mau

Uprock and the Jazz Re:freshed crew are a true inspiration on the London underground music scene. The musical genres that they cross are as wide as they are deep, from Jazz and Hip-Hop to Broken Beat and London Boogie. They have the ability to attract such names as 9th Wonder, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Phil Asher and Kaidi Tatham - all truly talented people within the underground music scene.
On Thursday 8th July 2010, Jazz Re:freshed brought us all the way from New Zealand, Electric Wire Hustle. With their own fusion of Neo Soul and Electronica, Electric Wire Hustle have a sound which is, without a shadow of a doubt, unique.
As the saying goes, "electric by name, electric by nature". This energy transferred to the crowd and in this short series of images I wanted to capture the spirit of the night. The images represent a small narrative of this evening from start to finish.